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Rock Painting Supplies

A guided tour of my Rock Painting Kit

What Rock Painting Supplies do I need?Over the last week quite a few people have asked me what supplies they would need to start Rock Painting and where to get them from. The simple (but not so simple) answer is that you can pretty much use anything to decorate rocks. If you’re decorating with kids you can use felt tips…

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Posca Pen, Starter Set of 8 Assorted Colours, Ultra Fine Tip Review

I got involved with Rock painting very recently and have completely fallen in love with it! (Read about it here!) I started off with Acrylic Paints and some PVA glue and soon wanted to paint better, more professional looking Rocks. I paint different designs and then hide them in the local area for people to find, it gives me a…

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Obsessed with Painting Rocks.

I am officially OBSESSED with Painting Rocks! As anyone who knows me will tell you, I occasionally stumble across something that captures me and I CANNOT let it go, until I have learnt everything there is to know about it! In that vain, I came across the article below about “Staying Sane in the holidays” and read the first I…

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Thrive Architect Elements

Trying to figure out Thrive Architect Elements. So I’ve just purchased a Thrive Membership, and I have realised that i don’t know what all the different “Elements” do, I searched online for some kind of “Cheat Sheet” but couldn’t find one so I decided to try it out and share my findings! So – first off – THIS is the element…

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Abuse in Homes for Adults with Autism

Here in the UK there seems to be an ongoing problem of Abuse in Homes for Adults with Autism, this morning I came across an article in “The Guardian” which shocked me – trust me, this is pretty hard to do as I am well aware of the abuse that can and does happen. As an Autistic Adult myself, and…

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Random Musings

Ice Crunching Vloggers?

Could I actually have found my dream job …. apparently in China, people PAY to watch other people eat Ice!! I think I may have died and gone to heaven – I’m going to have to look into this. For now here’s the link to the article I just read … crazy stuff! People paying to watch people eat Ice!…

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Supplements That Help Depression

Those of us that have experienced the living nightmare that is Clinical Depression know just how terrible it is. I also know that it’s probably not you that found this article because just dragging yourself out of bed to the computer is enough hard work when you feel like that. So someone has found this article and hopefully given it…

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Pictures That Make Me Feel Happy

This morning I was looking for some Photos and pictures to use for future posts on this site, I thought I’d get a head start on it because it’s not as easy as it may sound. I don’t want to fill the site with “token” pictures of puzzle pieces and rainbows – I don’t think you guys would appreciate that!…

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